Youth Leadership

Join our Substance Abuse Task Force and help curb prejudice, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse in and around Barry County. Being a part of our Youth Leadership Group allows teens to spread the message that they are above the influence, and encourage others to be above the influence as well.

This year’s theme 'Your World' highlights the ways youth can positively affect their own world and the larger world with youth-lead sessions on Stereotyping and Positive Decision Making and Judgement.  Other sessions included e-cigarettes/vaping, marijuana, stress management, and youth mental health.  We would like to thank all our partners, volunteers, and presenters. 

“The 2016 Allegan-Barry Youth Summit was a smashing success with over 300 students from 12 schools in Allegan and Barry Counties. ”

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SATF Youth Leadership

The SATF Youth Leadership Group currently consists of over 20 students from five high schools throughout Barry county to learn ways to handle pressures and influences in their own lives and help others.

Youth Leadership Summit is an annual event, for teens and by teens that brings youth together from across the county to learn more about issues effecting teens. The summit is a one-day workshop with a keynote speaker and different breakout sessions.

Youth Leadership Group works with youth from 5 school-districts to promote positive youth development by having youth planned and executed events. Youth work on the annual Youth Leadership Summit, Project Sticker Shock, Alcohol and Tobacco compliance checks, Teens Against Tobacco Use, and Radio Public Service Announcements.

SATF Youth have also partnered with Allegan County's Pro Youth Team members. This partnership allowed students from all over Allegan and Barry County to come together in order to come up with ideas to promote drug and alcohol free messages. The Youth showcase that there are other, healthier, things to do besides drugs and alcohol. All members of PYT have taken the pledge to stay drug and alcohol free, and to get a 100% of students to also partake in this pledge.

PhotoVoice as a whole is an innovative participatory action research method that gives cameras to traditionally marginalized groups of individuals, and asks them to take photos in response to framing questions (Wang & Burris, 1997).

Our Hastings High School PhotoVoice Project aims to empower our local youth to speak about the issues they are currently facing or seeing with alcohol and tobacco, ultimately leading them to action and community change.


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