Partners in Prevention Campaigns

As your partners in prevention, we have included below our electronic campaigns sent to help spread prevention techniques, raise awareness and more. If you haven't already signed up to be a part of our electronic mailings, please do so by signing up below!






National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

National Recovery Month

Medicine Take Back


2017 SATF Community Survey

NPW 2017: Mental Health Matters

NPW 2017: Surround Yourself with Hope...Stronger Together

NPW 2017: Is Marijuana Worth the Risk?

NPW 2017: We Have the Prescription for Prevention

NPW 2017: It's 21 for a Reason

NPW 2017: Never Quit Quiting Tobacco


Marijuana and Youth: It's time to talk

Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week: Did You Know?

National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week: Shatter The Myths

Happy Holidays from the Barry County SATF

Let's talk about prescription drugs

National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

Surround Yourself with Hope - Stronger Together

National Prevention Week 2016 - Is Marijuana Worth the Risk?

National Prevention Week 2016 - The Prescription for Prevention

National Prevention Week 2016 - It's 21 for a Reason

National Prevention Week 2016 - Never Quit Quitting

Spring Cleaning

Marijuana and Youth

Give the Gift of a Designated Driver

October is Substance Abuse and Medicine Abuse Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Survey

September is Suicide Prevention Month

2015 National Prevention Week: Prescription Drugs

2015 National Prevention Week: Underage Drinking

2015 National Prevention Week: Mental Health Matters

2015 National Prevention Week: Marijuana

2015 National Prevention Week: Tobacco

2015 National Prevention Week: Suicide Prevention

2015 April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Parent Survey 2015

April is Alcohol Awareness Month 2015

TalkSooner: Marijuana

2015 Parent Survey

National Drug Fact Week: Shattering the Myths

National Drug Fact Week: Tobacco

National Drug Fact Week: Underage Drinking

National Drug Fact Week: Prescription Drugs

National Drug Fact Week: Marijuana

Welcome to National Drug Fact Week 2015

National Drug Fact Week IQ Quiz

Quit Smoking 2015

Happy Holidays 2014


Underage Drinking Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention: Do Your Part

Suicide Prevention

SAMHSA's KnowBullying App

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 2014

Hazardous Household Waste Collection 2014

World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

Back To School

You Can Make A Difference

Congratulations 2014 Graduates

Celebrate July 4th

NPW Promotion of Mental Health

NPW Suicide Prevention

NPW Responsible and safe drinking

NPW Prevention of Prescription Medicine Abuse

NPW Underage Drinking Prevention

NPW Tobacco Prevention

2014 National Prevention Week (NPW)

2014 Town Hall

Medicine Take Back Day

Underage Drinking Prevention

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Kick Butts Day

Social Norms and Marijuana

Marijuana and health

Marijuana and school performance

Marijuana and Driving

Marijuana is Addictive

Weeding Through the Myths: The truth about Marijuana