PhotoVoice; Where Youth in Barry County Deserve a Voice

Welcome to our Barry County PhotoVoice Project! PhotoVoice as a whole is an innovative participatory action research method that gives cameras to traditionally marginalized groups of individuals, and asks them to take photos in response to framing questions (Wang & Burris, 1997).

Our Hastings High School PhotoVoice Project aims to empower our local youth to speak about the issues they are currently facing or seeing with alcohol and tobacco, ultimately leading them to action and community change.


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2016 Hastings High School PhotoVoice Gallery

Please explore our PhotoVoice images generated below from various youth in our community.



Alex Beauchamp, Faith Garber, Jade Borsma, Austin Hall, Shy Satterelli, and Kim Smith

Our team of students is from the brilliant Hastings High school, and chose the pressing matter of abandonment to be our focus for our photo voice project. The photo voice project is a project that helps bring awareness to a problem in our community through the use of photography and art. We chose abandonment because we feel that there is an immense amount of abandonment throughout Hastings, whether it is friends and family, buildings and business, or even ourselves. It is something that needs to be brought into the light and in view of the public, because of the prominence of our situation. We can’t help but feel emptiness, whether it is a family member that has been forgotten, a small business that was left behind, or even ourselves that we feel we have failed.











Alex Case, Chelsey Wickham, Grace Trowbridge, Oliva Weeks, Cora O’Brien, Thomas Furrow, and Ashley Glumm

We chose to pick a subject that people don’t take seriously. It is not just a phase that we go through; we cannot even speak about it due to this subject being so complicated. People do not fully understand what others go through daily. It is talked about loosely, a false stamp across our faces, an endless black hole that we can never get out of. We would like to show you a tiny sliver of what someone goes and feels every day.














Haley Landon, Emily Borton, Emmalee Yates, Lynlee Cotton, Robert Perry

Our group did the issues over pollution. Barry County brings out the element of not only pollution of the environment, but pollution of the mind and body as well. We took pictures of all different kinds of pollution and the solutions to those problems.