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Join our Substance Abuse Task Force and help curb prejudice, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse in and around Barry County.

By being a part of our Substance Abuse Task Force, you are helping to ensure we live in a drug free community! It's easy to take action today; have productive conversations, distribute program materials, and help to spread the word on how community members can seek help or treatment.


Be The One, Take A Stand, Help Teach your Child! Be prepared to prevent your child from using drugs and alcohol. Review's Parent Toolkits and Resources.


Do Your Part!



We encourage every parent to get involved!

The Do Your Part, parent video! The SATF encourages everyone to do their part, to make Barry County healthier and safer for everyone.


Parents, Learn How to Become Involved

Talking with your teen matters, take time to talk with them about healthy relationships, substance use, and mental health. Help youth grow into healthy responsible adults. Research confirms what young people already know—what their parents have to say matters to teens. That's why parents play a powerful role in helping adolescents make healthy decisions about sex, sexuality, and relationships. But if you think talking to your son or daughter about sex is tough, or it makes you nervous, know that you're not alone. Lots of other parents feel the same way. Learn How to Talk With Your Teen!

Parenting is powerful. Use these resources to and be a more powerful parent. As parents, you need to be involved in your child’s life. Studies show that children with involved parents are more successful in life. Learn More by Visiting

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We have the app for you! Conversation starters provided to help you break the ice and open conversation.