Our Mission

The mission of the Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force is to prevent, reduce, and address the consequences of existing and emerging substance use and abuse issues through collaborative efforts for youth and adults in our community.

Our Grants

2016: DFC Funding Years 6-10

SATF has been awarded another five years of DFC (Drug-Free Communities) funding for years 6-10. This means that our hard work throughout Barry County that has benefited our youth can continue for the next several years!

2007: Purpose Expansion

In 2007, SATF expanded its purpose to include alcohol and other drugs, and the wonderful work continued.

2009: Drug Free Communities Grant

In 2009, SATF members applied for and received the prestigious Drug Free Communities Grant—which allows the SATF to continue the good work of prevention today.

2012: STOP Act Grant

In 2012, SATF members applied for an received the STOP Act Grant to prevent and reduce alcohol use among youth age 12-20 throughout Barry County, Michigan.

Who We Are

The Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force (SATF), is the community coalition at work to prevent substance abuse in Barry County. Currently, over 30 members are working together to address the problems and issues that substance abuse causes, while also collaborating to bring change to how our residents think and behave in everyday situations. SATF membership is strong and dedicated, and includes representation from law enforcement, healthcare, schools, youth, businesses, court systems, emergency management, parents, other community coalitions, and health and human service agencies throughout our county.

The SATF meets the 4th Monday of every month at 9:00 at the Barry County Central Dispatch Training Center at 2600 Nashville Road, Hastings, MI 49058. Review Our Calendar


Our History

One day, in 2004, a group of dedicated, hard-working, and busy people came together to find solutions to the methamphetamine epidemic. Everyone wanted action—and no one wanted meth and its horrible problems. Together, a plan was made and projects implemented to change what was happening in our county. Strange and new partnerships formed. Farmers talked with police officers who worked with CPS workers who partnered with school administration who talked with firefighters who worked side by side with health department workers—and everyone worked together to spread the same messages about methamphetamine awareness and prevention.

Out of something horrible, something wonderful was born. Instead of blaming someone else, people and agencies helped each other. Over 3500 county residents participated in meth awareness trainings and SATF member impacted their community in positive ways.

Meet Our "Everyday Heroes!"

Each year, the Barry County United Way and Volunteer Center seeks nominations for Everyday Heroes-- outstanding volunteers who do great work in our community. The SATF is proud of our members who have been nominated for and awarded these high honors:


2016 Ellen Mazique-Sydloski, Volunteer of the Year Award

2014 Randall Bertrand, Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award

2013 Tina Williams, Community Health Volunteer of the Year Award

2012 Youth Leadership, Youth Volunteers of the Year Award

2011 Youth Leadership, Outstanding Group of the Year Award